Our team is an Atlas ready to support your media

  1. If you have a dull corporate blog or an intranet page difficult to read, there are at least two options:

On-demand Support (you have editors but their work does not bring results)
What we do here:

  • We conduct an audit and suggest improvements (new content formats, themes and ways of your blog (newsletter. etc.) development)
  • We train editors plus organize producing high-quality and useful content, which will be an integral part of your product
  • Long-time cooperation. We are here to advise, produce multiple types of content on a contract basis and do special projects.

Full-time Support (ex. your in-house editors need assistance on a regular basis):
We tune the process and supply all kinds of content, ready to fight side by side for an active audience engaged into your product or brand so you could manage its attention using different instruments.

PROFIT! With this approach, audience attention is surely converted into sales, loyalty, or employee awareness.

2. If you have no public or intranet corporate media so far, we will show you the benefits they bring:

  • why launch an Internet or Intranet platform right now, and how it helps you to boost sales, to educate, inform and improve employee loyalty;
  • please contact us to learn how company’s media can sell when conventional advertising does not work, or how to retain staff in your team, and more.